Saturday, September 22, 2012

D&DB Promo Tour Dates

Here's the beginnings of a rudimentary list of book tour dates promoting The Devil & Daniel Boone.

Tour dates vary from simply making an appearance at a venue at a table, signing autographs and handing out coupons for the Kindle edition of the book (plus surprise gifts) to actual readings and speaking engagements. Most appearances are of the former type, and occur in the afternoon - but are unscheduled and essentially on a "the event starts whenever I show up" basis. Sometimes impromptu appearances are added on the way back from any given event and are added to the list retroactively for archivism's sake. Need more specific info? E-mail me or keep an eye on my Twitter.

Here's where the schedule of appearances stands right now. Bookmark this blog post, because its content is going to be continually updated as new info is added:

August 29:
Champagne & Fancy Cakes Club meeting, Louisville, KY

September 7:
First Friday Trolley Hop, Louisville, KY

September 10
Hertz-Starks Building, Louisville, KY 2:00pm
Fourth Street Live, Louisville, KY 2:45pm

September 21:
Barnes & Noble, Middlesboro, KY 1:30pm
Tennessee Welcome Center, Jellico, TN
Berea College, Berea, KY
Hastings, Richmond, KY

October 1:
City Market, Indianapolis, IN, 12:30pm
Edinburgh Premium Outlets, Edinburgh, IN 3:00pm

October 5:
CrossWinds Golf Course, Bowling Green, KY
(Various locations) Cave City, KY

October 16:
Village Mall, Danville, IL

November 7:
Casino Aztar, Evansville, IN

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