Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RIP Typewriters?

The phrase "RIP Typewriters" is, uh, "trending" (Dear Lord, I loathe that concept) on Twitter today, apparently because the last manufacturer of them, Godrej & Boyce in Mumbai, India, has ceased operations.

However, don't go waving goodbye to the typewriter in the sky just yet. You can still get one if you really want one. And whoever started this meme about the death of the typewriter evidently overlooked the new USB Typewriters.

I use all means available to me, and typewriters will always have a place in my household and my offices. Then again, I still write in longhand - you know, with pen and paper like they did in antediluvian times? - which I realize is so unhip in this modern age which encourages citizens to become dull-witted insensate food tubes hunched over video games, eating toxic Frankenfoods, and getting into Splenda-fueled internet-rage flamewars on Facebook with some 13-year-old kid in Tierra Del Fuego over important issues like "reality" TV shows and pop stars.

Zager and Evans, right again.