Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well, I've tentatively agreed to a new gig writing for louisvilleKY.com, a new blogging collective effort spearheaded by Rick Redding, my former editor at Louisville Mojo. I'm entering the fray cautiously, though, because I'm not sure that the tone of the site is compatible with my philosophy regarding media news reporting, nor my general disdain for online social networking which blogging comes perilously close to if strict comment moderation is not enabled. Not to mention my new year's resolution to avoid unnecessary negativity as I see it.

My first piece for LouisvilleKY.com is primarily a reassemblage of comments I've already made elsewhere about Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, and the upcoming Ark Encounter theme park in Kentucky. Though I give Ham some deserved nudging, I also decry those who make it a knee-jerk reaction to go on a prolonged internet hate campaign against the man and his beliefs - however peculiar they may be - and I also provide some useful hard data rather than just my own useless opinion, such as how to contact Ham directly and go straight to the horse's mouth, and how to support Ham's efforts via their toll-free donation line if you are so inclined.

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